Lead Removal

Lead Removal

Older structures frequently use lead-based paint as a construction material. A lead should be screened in every structure constructed before 1978. A lead should be removed as soon as possible if it is discovered in your house or structure. Avoid exposing your loved ones to lead by taking care of them. Children’s health might be harmed by exposure to it. Given that children’s brains are still developing, it appears to be more detrimental to them.

Getting a professional to remove the lead paint for you is essential since the procedure calls for knowledge and continual attention. Therefore, if you know or believe that your building has any lead paint, you should contact Plan B Restoration. Get a free quote by giving us a call now. removing lead services.

Not only do we apply coatings but we safely remove them as well. Lead paint is still in use on many old fabrications. When the time comes to apply a new protective coating – the lead paint is removed but needs to be contained and disposed of in accordance to regulations.

Our lead removal process is safe and responsible because:

  • Lead handling policy, plan and training are in place
  • Annual training in addition to pre-project training
  • Air monitoring data collected and tested before and after project
  • Blood lead levels of employees taken upon hire and before and after project
  • Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is notified pre-project
  • Process abides by California Code of Regulations section 1532.1
  • All lead-contaminated material is contained, uniquely marked and disposed