Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Unimaginable emotional and monetary damage can result from fire. Photos, letters, and paperwork were all destroyed by the flame itself, the smoke that resulted from it, and/or the water used to put it out. We want to save as many of your memories and records as we can. With the most recent technology, our staff members are educated and qualified to give you a seamless and safe experience. Let The Restorators, who are certified in smoke and odor removal, cleanup, and property restoration, be in charge of restoring your home to its pre-loss state.

is care or coincidentally are two of the fundamental reasons fire harm generally happens. Indeed, even a lit cigarette or an innocuous flame can light a terrible fire. Since fire spreads rapidly, it will a larger number of times than not obliterate the effects you have. At Plan B Restoration we have assisted endless individuals with reducing quite a bit of their unavoidable pressure by reestablishing every single room in the property. We realize what is going on is extraordinary in its own particular manner. To this end our Toronto staff individuals have the experience, preparing and sympathy expected to address the harm to your property really.

Clean Up & Smoke Removal

When responding to calls regarding fire and smoke our goal is to restore the property into a safe, clean odor free environment. We do so by returning the structure and its contents to equal or better appearance and cleanliness than before the damage occurred.We will track the fire residue to its initial source and follow it in every direction it penetrated to identify all surfaces that are damaged.Once identified and located our professional team of restorers will document what materials have been affected.We then evaluate replacement cost versus restoration cost , we don’t want to waste resources to clean anything not worth saving, so we test all materials & surfaces for responsiveness to cleaning and deodorization before deciding what should be restored or replaced. Of course all of this is done in accordance with all materially interested parties (e.g. the customer and the insurance company’s representative if applicable). We do our best to preserve any high valued materials or contents for our clients which may require us to pack some contents and transport them back to our restoration chamber where a professional who specializes in restoring will help bring your contents back to life.

Fire and smoke can really be a mess as it is accompanied by soot,water, flooding and horrible odors and we have what it takes to get the job done, we use the latest equipment and most advanced oxidation techniques to quickly rid your property of odors , and our team of restorers are specialized and certified in all the fields required to bring your home back to the way you loved it. Call us immediately to avoid any additional damages or losses!